Scire Conference Series

Scire Conference Series – SciCon Series is being conducted every year clubbed with an annual get together of our esteemed members. The event promises the best opportunity to acquaint with the latest advances of the Biosciences. Moreover, it also provides the best platform for researchers and scientists to present their latest findings and learn about all the essential developments in Biotechnology and Bioscience. The conference has been designed to share ideas, concepts, technologies, problems and solutions and keeps you abreast with the modern development and applications in the field of Biological Sciences.

Meet Inspiring Speakers and Experts at our conference and explore more about advancements in Biosciences.

The limitless elegance of ‘Science being spoken’ have been experienced by our previous participants in different locations of India in the past years. We are proud to benevolently receive high ratings for the events organized for smooth functioning, the perfect choice for the venue and assuredly brought the spirit of the gathering consistently.

We are wholeheartedly welcoming every aspirant to be a part of our upcoming event.

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